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Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant

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Chiny Hangzhou Union Industrial Gas-Equipment Co., Ltd. Certyfikaty
Chiny Hangzhou Union Industrial Gas-Equipment Co., Ltd. Certyfikaty
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Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant

Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant
Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant

Duży Obraz :  Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant Najlepsza cena

Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang ,China ( mainland)
Nazwa handlowa: UIG
Orzecznictwo: ISO 9001:2000


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Cena: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Sea Worthy Packing
Delivery Time: 120 Days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C
Supply Ability: 2-3 Sets Per Month
Szczegółowy opis produktu
O2 pressure: 16.5 Mpa O2 purity: ≥99.8
Power: 76-2800 KW Product name: Industrial Oxygen Plant
Production capacity: 300 m3/hour Usage: Industrial and medical
High Light:

industrial oxygen generator


oxygen manufacturing plant

Medical / Industrial Oxygen Production Plant 2100 Nm3/h Air Separation Plant



Quick Details:


Condition: new

Place of origin: China(mainland)

Brand name: UIG


Production capacity:300 m3/hour

Power :76-2800 KW


Certification: ISO 9001:2000

Warranty:1 year

Life:20 years with proper maintenance

After-sales service provided: Engineers available to service plants overseas

Usage: Industrial and medical (oxygen, liquid oxygen)

UIG Air separation plants are designed for a vast range of capacities and products summarized below: FOR OXYGEN 99.7 % AND NITROGEN 99.999%



























Continuous operation period


≥24 months

Defrost Period


12 Hours

Starting time 


8-12 Hours

Process  air


Compressor  Capacity


2100 Nm3/h

Working  Pressure



Circulating cooling Water







The Plant uses normal temperature molecular sieve adsorption, medium pressure booster expansion reflux flow.

Raw air is sucked from the atmosphere,It is going through filter for removal of dust and mechanical impurities.,then it is compressed to a certain degree by single stage screw compressor,via end stage cooler, air pre-cooling system, the air is cooled to approx. 8℃. After water separation moisture is separated in water separator and then it goes to purifier for removal of moisture, CO2, C2H2 and hydrogen dioxide.

Then most part of air enters main heat exchanger to be cooled to saturated tempt. and partly is liquefied to the lower part of lower column; another part of air is compressed to a certain degree through two stage compression booster, via end stage cooler enters into oxygen heat exchanger to be cooled to be near saturated temperature, then after throttle goes to lower column. Through lower column pre-distillation we can get enriched oxygen liquid air from the bottom of the column. After cooling through sub-cooler,after throttled it goes to the middle part of upper column as reflux liquid for rectification. WN is obtained from the top of lower column, after condensed through condenser-evaporator, a part of WN is used as rectification reflux liquid for lower column; another part after cooling through sub-cooler and after throttling goes to the top of upper column as rectification reflux liquid. Pure liquid oxygen is obtained from the bottom of upper column, and it is condensed by condenser-evaporator. Liquid oxygen is abstracted from the bottom after cooling through sub-cooler, then it goes to LOX pump to be pressurized. It is evaporated in O2 heat exchanger and is reheated to normal tempt.

WN from the top of upper column goes through sub-cooler, the ower part of main heat exchanger to be reheated to a certain tempt. Then it goes to expansion turbine to create cold and returns to sub-cooler and main heat exchanger again to be reheated to normal tempt. A part of it passes to purifier as regenerating gas resource and another part goes to be vented partly.





we supplied to many countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, North Korea, Mongolia, Equatorial Guinea, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania) .



Competitive Advantage:


* This oxygen plant adopts cryogenic separation process. Oxygen is obtained by inner compression, so it 

can be both for medical & industrial usage and to be filled into cylinder.

* This development and design of flow is new, my company use the technology to mature.

* Simple operation, convenient maintenance, starting time is short, unit power consumption is low.

* Oxygen of high purity and very stable, meet and exceed technical indicators of 2010in china.

* Whole set of plant adopts skid mount type and connected with high-pressure hose between individual 

machines/equipments. So, it shorten installation period accordingly.

* Complete equipment, installation and removal is very simple, easy to move to another area operations.

*Cooling mode of plant adopts air cooling for whole set of plant, no cooling water system required so it also 

save investment cost for the owner.

*Security -- The outside compression process is oxygen be compressed at room temperature, The inside 

compression process is liquid oxygen be compressed at low temperature, Security than more with the inside 

compression process; Extraction a lot of liquid oxygen from evaporation-condenser, To ensure that no accumulation of hydrocarbons; Evaporation of high pressure with liquid 

oxygen, reducing the possibility of hydrocarbon accumulation; Reducing fire hazards.

* Reliability - liquid oxygen pump excellent performance, easy to maintain; Booster compressor is one or two 

compression, oxygen compressor Booster compressor is three or five compression, High reliability with 

booster compressor.

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